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  • Quality Control

    Whether you're testing a new life-saving drug, the air we breathe or the food and water we consume, Avantor's broad portfolio of laboratory products can help reduce variability in your processes, increase the repeatability and reproducibility of results and automate your processes for increased efficiency.

    For decades, Avantor has partnered with our customers to help transform the way quality control laboratories operate. We understand the demanding nature of your industry and the need to balance productivity with generating accurate, consistent and reliable results.

    Products Offered for Quality Control     Chemicals for Quality Control Applications
    • Acids and bases
    • Chromatography columns and media
    • High-purity solvents
    • Ion-pair reagents sugars
    • pH buffer solutions and concentrates
    • Purified water
    • Salts, minerals and sugars
    • Volumetric solutions and concentrates

    All of Avantor's products are backed by proven quality systems and reliable global supply chain. We share product information openly, and we make sure that our products meet industry standards, including ACS specifications. Read about our global quality systems.

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    We know that the reputation of your laboratory depends on producing on-time, reliable results. Our industry-leading brands and team of experts can help you bring consistency to your processes, get the most from today's sophisticated instruments and technology, and optimize your processes to get results that you can trust.

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