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  • Avantor's Proven Brands

    Avantor serves our global customers with numerous distinct and well-respected brands.

    JTBaker logo - April 2013 NuSil™ Brand: Medical and Space-Grade Silicones

    Backed by more than three decades of manufacturing expertise and innovation, NuSil™ brand silicones are used in the most extreme environments - from deep inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space.


    JTBaker logo - April 2013 J.T.Baker® Chemicals: Application Optimized, Specially Engineered Chemistries Available Worldwide

    Our J.T.Baker® brand is known around the world for unsurpassed reproducibility, consistency and application optimization. J.T.Baker® brand chemicals have become synonymous with quality for more than a century, and the brand of choice for a wide range of applications in the laboratory, and the production of pharmaceuticals and electronics.


    Macron Fine Chemicals logo - April 2013 Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand: Known Worldwide for High Consistency and Reliability

    Recognized worldwide for consistency, reliability and repeatability, Macron Fine Chemicals™  products also represent versatility, adding value across a wide range of applications.


    Puritan Products Puritan Products™ brand: High-Purity Chemicals for Life Sciences, Research & Electronic Materials

    The Puritan Products brand strengthens Avantor’s portfolio of cGMP materials and high-purity chemistries for customers in the life sciences, laboratory research and electronic materials markets.


    BeneSphera logo - April 2013 BeneSphera™ Diagnostic Solutions: Meeting Healthcare Challenges of Today and Tomorrow (available in select markets)

    The BeneSphera™ diagnostic solutions brand  provides reliable, affordable diagnostic technologies and easy-to-use products. BeneSphera™ diagnostic solutions feature a diverse and expanding portfolio of products that deliver precision and state-of-the-art diagnostic accuracy.


    Rankem logo no image - April 2013 Rankem™ brand: Total Scientific Laboratory Solutions for the Indian Market  

    Rankem brand products have a long-standing reputation in India and related regional markets for value, service and product breadth. That combination makes Rankem chemicals the popular choice for scientists who require core laboratory reagents and other high-quality chemical products. For more information visit www.rankem.in  


    POCH Logo May 2013 POCH™ Brand: Chemical Products and Materials To Serve Customer Needs in the Polish Laboratory Market  

    The POCH brand, which has been serving the Polish laboratory market for more than 60 years, offers a wide variety of products for customers across multiple applications. For more information, visit www.poch.com.pl  


    CareSilCareSil Brand: The Most Pristine Silicones in Skin Care  

    The  CareSil brand's medical-quality silicones enable manufacturers to speed the development of products that fulfill their customer's dreams for beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin.