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  • Avantor's Product Brands

    Avantor serves our global customers with numerous distinct and well-respected brands.

    In November 2017, Avantor completed its acquisition of VWR. We are one company joined together under the Avantor name. Learn more about our new company: visit SettingScienceinMotion.com


    NuSil™ brand: High-purity Medical- and Space-grade Silicones

    NuSil™ brand silicones are developed for the most extreme environments, from inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space.


    J.T.Baker® brand: High-quality Engineered Chemistries

    J.T.Baker® brand chemicals have become synonymous with quality for more than a century.


    Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand: Consistent and Reliable Chemicals

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand products offer quality, versatility and value for a range of applications.


    Puritan Products™ brand: Quality GMP Materials

    Puritan Products™ brand GMP-manufactured materials provide quality at a total cost of ownership that can reduce overhead.


    BeneSphera™ brand: Total Diagnostic Solutions

    BeneSphera™ brand diagnostic solutions provide reliable, affordable and easy-to-use products that meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. Available in select markets.  


    RANKEM™ brand: Total Scientific Laboratory Solutions

    RANKEM™ brand chemicals offer a breadth of core laboratory reagents and chemical products at superior value. Available in the India and Asia-Pacific markets.  


    POCH™ Brand: Consistent and Reliable Laboratory Chemicals

    POCH™ brand chemicals have a 60-year-plus reputation in the Polish laboratory market, offering a wide variety of products for multiple applications.


    CareSil™ Brand: The Most Pristine Silicones in Skin Care

    CareSil™ brand medical-quality silicones enable manufacturers to develop products that fulfill their customer's dreams for beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin.